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    General Question - Best Tool to Monitor Terminal Services

      Hello all - new to SolarWinds Tools & Thwack.  We have licensed with SolarWinds - NPM, APM, and Engineer Toolkit.   Can you give me some general (or detailed) guidance on the best tools to utilize (whether it's what we've licensed, or if it's something we need to consider) on this scenario:

      We have a Terminal Services Farm, and we're getting sporadic issues with users reporting a "freeze in their session" and they are not able to log back in.   After a lot troubleshooting, at the user and server level, we believe the root cause could be related to a Printer Driver or run-away process that's spiking the server to 100%.

      I would like to see if we could apply our SolarWinds tool to capture this info and provide the exact process, user that initiated the print job, etc - in "real-time," to be alerted, and/or have the captured log files.   The problem we have is that when the issue is reported - we no longer have access to the Server to diagnose the details...

      Any thoughts?   Thanks.