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    Content Generator Question

      I'm trying to create an alert to monitor for event log warnings of predictive drive failures on Dell servers.  I've got the monitor working and generating an email.  I created a Content Generator with the string "%capture[1]% %capture[computername]%".  I cloned the monitor so I could use it on multiple servers.  The problem that I'm having is that every alert contains the name of the original server and not the server that the cloned monitor is running on.  For example, all the alerts state "Predictive Failure reported:  Array Disk 0:0 Controller 0, Channel 0  GILROY-DATA" even though the alert is actually coming from a server named "GilroyWeb".  Do I have to create a different content generator for each alert? Or is there something I'm missing?  I thought that the variable %capture[computername]% would have taken care of that. Thanks