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    NPM adv alerts to Kiwi Syslog


      Been using both products for a long time even before the acquisition.

      I am glad both products are now in the same room and hopefully somebody can clear this for me.

      If I use "Advance Alert" to send a syslog to Kiwi syslog I get the date, time, hostname %OrionAlertEngine and message" as part of the message;

      Here is an exact example of what I get;

      "Apr 16 2009 09:35:39 solarwinds %OrionAlertEngine: Nodename is down"

      This is redundant because Kiwi Syslog already has columns for Date, Time and Hostname. This does not happen if I use "Basic Alert".

      I opened up a ticket to Solarwinds about a year ago but they never found a solution for me. Kiwi support suggested to use variable to modify the message but did not exactly tell me on how to do that.


      Does anyone else here have the same issue?

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          You can use Kiwi "run script" operation to remove the redundant date info from the message.   You'll need to create your own script to do this.  For more info, see: 


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              Thats where I am stuck at.

              Here's is my half-A$$ed attempt at this. Keep in mind my expertise isnetworking and not coding. =).

              Of course it doesn't work.

              Function Main()

              ' Replace cat with dog within the message text field
              Fields.VarCleanMessageText = Replace(Fields.VarDate, " ")
              Fields.VarCleanMessageText = Replace(Fields.VarTime, " ")
              Fields.VarCleanMessageText = Replace(Fields.VarPeerAddress, " ")
              Fields.VarCleanMessageText = Replace(Fields.VarCleanMessageText, "%OrionAlertEngine", " ")

              ' Return OK to tell syslog that the script ran correctly.
              Main = "OK"

              End Function

              I got the replace-cat-to-dog example to work. I would like to see an script example of removing a script variable.