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    IPMonitor 9 and IBM (Windows) Server Compatibility

      Alright...I've been struggling to get certain IBM Specific MIBs on my IPMonitor board for some time now and feel as though I'm right on the edge of getting it to work, but am missing something small and would like some help.

      Here's what's been done so far :

      1. IBM-System MIB and child MIBs have been compiled into my IPMonitor database.

      2. IBM Director Agent has been installed on my IBM Server - This is the necessary component to have the server pump out SNMP traps related to IBM Specific Hardware.  It will not do so otherwise.

      3. IBM Director Server has been brought online on a different, stand-alone server.

      Now, the quandry:

      Simple Test - Power supply failure.  Our servers are x3650's and run redundant power supplies.  When I pull one, my IBM Director Server receives an SNMP Trap from this MIB :


      It indicates a loss of redundancy, which is exactly what we would like to see on our IPMonitor board (in NOC view)

      I can also scan this same server with IP Monitor using the SNMP Tree, selecting the IBMSystem MIB and SNMP Wizard after pulling the powersupply and have a TON of information available, however, the majority of these options do not allow me to create a monitor when using the SNMP wizard again as the CREATE button is grayed out.  Also, I can see information related to the pulled power supply such as a status of "Error", but when using that OID through SNMP Wizard I can still not CREATE the monitor.  I'm kind of an IP Monitor noob I guess, so I'm not sure if I need to setup something new for these types of alerts or what.

      I'm at a loss, my IT director is getting antsy and would really just like to know if ANYONE has EVER gotten these systems to work like this.  Sorry for the long post, but it's taken me a LONG time to get this far as IBM Director software support is pretty useless.

      Thanks for any insight you may be able to provide.