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    complete info in syslog

      Hi I installed kiwi syslog server to record the log of websites accessed in my router. it gives me information in this way.

      2009-04-15 16:00:58 Local0.Error Apr 15 16:01:03 ProtouchFirewall 707672AE45FAA (Apr 15 16:01:03) kernel SM: policy="svc:27" src_ip="" dst_ip="" pr="tcp" src_port="39762" dst_port="8080" src_intf="3" dst_intf="2" rc="590" msg="Connect timeout" proxy_act="svc:27"
      2009-04-15 16:00:59 Local0.Warning Apr 15 16:01:04 ProtouchFirewall 707672AE45FAA (Apr 15 16:01:04) kernel deny in eth0 48 tcp 20 104 63693 5800 syn  (default)

      I want to know 'which website url is opened'. Am I using the right software or i need a different one?