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    Alert Report Creation

      It would be great if there was a way to get a summary/detailed report on all active Basic and Advanced alerts. The only way to get any info is to go into the SQL DB and query the Alerts table.

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          Did you know if you go to the Report Writer, click New, you can create a custom report of type "Active Alerts".  That should allow you to do what you want more easily.

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              What fields would need to go into this report to get the data I need? Active Alerts are alerts that are actually fired at the current time. I am looking for a report of All configured alerts active or not.

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                  Your original post said "active alerts", so this might not be what you need.  If you know the SQL, you can use Report Writer to build an Advanced SQL Query.

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                      The alerts table doesn't have the information I am looking for where are the alerts that are in use stored with all of their settings in the SQL DB?


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                        Has a report been created to show what alerts are setup for each node in the database or is this something being worked on for future release.

                        I would like to have a report that shows all alerts by node and what the trigger and reset is on the alerts. I am not able to create this in Report Writer since it only has basic alert information and not Advanced Alert information and my limited SQL knowledge I can not create this from scratch using SQL.

                        I would like to be able to see what nodes I have setup with what alerts and the triggers and messages the alerts send out so that I can either add nodes or change the alert messages and also provied my boss with a report as to what we are alerting on.

                        If someone has created a report like this could they please share it out in the Content Exchange?

                        Thanks in advance.

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                            I have been looking for the same thing for many years now.  Did you ever find an answer?

                            As it is, the following is what I must do to get this information and again when it needs to be audited / verified ***

                            go to 'Configure Basic Alerts' in Orion Network Performance Monitor and chose the alert (in this case Riverbed Up/Down) and Edit the alert.

                            move to Property To Monitor tab and search top to bottom for which Property's are checked (Node Status / Status) {document in XLS}

                            Move to Monitored Network Objects tab and check the DB Objects  {type names in XLS}

                            Move to Alet Trigger tab and check the Trigger Alert Status  {type status in XLS}

                            Move to Time of Day tab {type information in XLS}

                            Move to Alert Suppression tab and check the radio button {record info in XLS}

                            Move to Actions tab and open alert actions like LogAlert & Execute an External program or VB Script or sent SNMP Trap.... {add info to XLS}

                            ** This will need to be repeated for ALL ALERTS (in our case over 20 separate Alerts to be documented **
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