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    Remove A Volume

      I had NPM monitoring hard disk volumes on a server.  This server was replaced with a new server and the new server's name and IP carried over from the old server.  So, instead of removing the server from NPM, I left it thinking it would just continue monitoring.  And as I thought, it did just that.  Everything was working just fine until I noticed that one of my alerts was reporting incorrectly. 

      In the alert that I setup, I referenced a volumeID on that server, and thought that this Volume ID would be unchanged.  I was wrong... What I found out is that NPM generated new Volume ID's for the new server and the old Volume ID's still existed.   This actually makes sense as to why this is... I just didnt think of it at the time.  So, the old Volume ID's still exist in the database, but are now irrelevant because they contain data from the old server.  I would like to get rid of it.

      So... does anyone know how to properly remove the irrelevant Volume ID's?  I am comfortable with writing SQL queries if this is necessary.  Any help is appreciated.