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    About Audible Web Alerts

      Hi Friends,

      I applied a sound file for my username following the OrionAdminGuide below.

      Configuring Audible Web Alerts
      When browsing the Orion Web Console, audible alerts can be sounded whenever new alerts are generated. When enabled, you will receive an audible alert the first time, after login, that an alert is displayed on the page. This alert may come from either an alert resource or the Alerts view. You will not receive audible alerts if the Alerts view or the alert resource you are viewing is empty.
      Following the initial alert sound, you will receive an audible alert every time an alert is encountered that was triggered later than the latest alert that has already been viewed. For example, a user logs in and sees a group of alerts with trigger times ranging from 9:01AM to 9:25AM, and the user receives an audible alert. If the user browses to a new page or allows the current page to auto-refresh, a new alert sounds if and only if an alert triggered later than 9:25AM is then displayed.

      When I login the first time, I can hear the sound.
      However it sounds everytime when I click on homepage.