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    Changes in NTA 3.1 ? - Seeing too much data...



      We've noticed some strange behaivor since moving to NTA3.1.  I know SP2 fixed a problem that was not showing the correct traffic and we have applied it.  It now seems it is showing more than what we want to see.  There are a few routers in our network that we do not manage but the provider sends us the netflow information and allows us to poll the device.  Before moving to NTA3.1 we had only selected the VPN Tunnel interface because that's the only interface that we will get valid data from.  I have the configuration set the same as it was before but since we've been running 3.1SP2 we're seeing the VPN traffic as if we selected all the interfaces.  (IE, we see the encapsulated send/receive traffic as well as the traffic that is flowing down the tunnel.) In the netflow configuration, we still only have the VPN Tunnel interface selected. 

      Is this expected behavior?