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    Switchport Mapper/SNMPv3 Issue in V10

      I have been struggling with getting Switchport mapper to work with SNMPv3.  In the V10 Dashboard I have overcome the error "Bridge-MIB not supported" by creating seperate contexts, but after the layer 2 and layer 3 information is collected there is no output displayed.  It just completes, and then nothing.  Also, in the classic tools, I have had no luck either.  Every time I run the test, it gives me an error stating that x.x.3.16 does not respond to queries with my SNMP credential set, even though the credential test passes when I test it.  I have no problems with SNMP v2c at all.  Here is an example of my configuration on one of our access switches, my core (for ARP) is nearly the same.  Has anyone had any luck with SNMPv3 and the Switchport mapper?  If so, I would really appreciate some advice.

      snmp-server user Solarwinds ReadOnly v3 auth md5 xxxxx priv des56 xxxxx
      snmp-server group ReadOnly v3 priv context Vlan-3 read ORIONView                                                                                                                                                                           
      snmp-server group ReadOnly v3 priv context vlan-6 read ORIONView                                                                                                  
      snmp-server view ORIONView internet included
      snmp-server view ORIONView system included
      snmp-server view ORIONView interfaces included
      snmp-server view ORIONView chassis included