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    Request: Scheduled job creation with other account credentials


      I utilize 'Service accounts' on my NT domain in order to run my critical scheduled tasks - Configuration downloads, baselines, real-time configuration changes, and reports.

      Since my normal administrative account I use day-to-day is a user account, the password is configured to expire, and try as I might, it's possible to lose staff members and have accounts removed as part of HR policy.

      Right now, I have to RDP into NCM as my service account in order to do my scheduled task creation under NCM.  The native Windows scheduled task wizard does not have this limitation, I am able to specify the account name and password I choose.

      In previous versions of NCM before v5, and before the account integration, this was a possibility and has since been removed.

      My request is to re-enable "third party" scheduled task integration to prevent me from having to RDP into the server as a service account - these are intended to be non-interactive accounts.



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          I perform the same tasks as JP and have come across the same issue. I am running NCM 5.5.2. My personal account, which I use to RDP into the Solarwinds server, expires every 60 days due to a company security policy.  At present, I have set my "Change My Device Login Credentials" (under "File" within NCM) to the Acitve Directory (AD) service account I created specifically for Solarwinds. The service account is set not to expire. This is a workaround of course.

          However, it does seem to highlight the question:

          What is the "Windows Account User" text box under the Security tab of a scheduled task for? It does not seem to reflect what the window says i.e. " This Scheduled Job will run as if started by the following Windows Account".

          In the text box, I have set the AD svc account in the following format DOMAIN\{service account} and have set the password correctly. Nearly all the devices in the database are set to "User". However, the scheduled job always uses the account I have logged into NCM with and not the account in the text box. This is confirmed by the account name shown at the bottom of the windows: "Orion Network Configuration Manager account login credentials for: {personal account}"

          Is this by design? If so, the wording in the window is very confusing.

          If I am doing something wrong, someone please let me know.


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              There are two credentials that must be discussed here:

              1. Credentials used by the Job to run the task through the Windows Task Scheduler (logs into Windows OS).  This should be set to a service account that never expires

              2. Credentials used by the Job to login to the devices when the "User" option is selected for Login Credentials.  This is set to the credentials of the last user that edited the job.    NCM must do this or the job would fail on all devices with "User" option specified since it wouldn't know which user's login device credentials to use.

              Hope this helps.