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    How to monitor web sites

      Hi All:

      How can we monitor a specific web site ( we have a few thats critical where we servicing our customers) web site with NPM, we want us to sent alert when one of the site we hosting is not available for browsing 




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          NPM can only ping the server, to more effectively test whether or not the web server is working APM is the ticket.


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            I just want to point out that monitoring a website from the inside vs. the outside is 2 different things and we've seen a website look and work fine on the inside but not work on the outside. We've started to deploy and test NPM with APM from the outside so we can run different tests and also track latency. SW has a product that can bring that data to your inside Orion installation, but I've not seen that work as of yet.


            Shawn Waldman