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    VMware traps


      questions - (i am looking into using SNMP TRAPS from VMware HOSTS systems and trying to use any values passed by traps for performance reporting)

      is anyone using the Virtual Center ALARMS as SNMP TRAPS?

      do these traps contain values which might later be used to build reports with Report Writer? thanks

      VMware's HELP info:

      You can define alarms so that VirtualCenter alerts you to conditions in your managed environment that might require corrective action.

      State triggers trigger an alarm when a monitored object enters a specified state. For example, the Host State trigger can be set to trigger an alarm when the host enters any of the following states: None, Connected, Disconnected, or Not responding. Alarms for state triggers trigger immediately when the specified state is reached.
      Metric triggers trigger an alarm when a particular property of a monitored object falls within a particular range of values for a period of five minutes. For example, the Host CPU Usage trigger can be set to trigger an alarm when the CPU usage rises above or falls below a specified percentage value.
      Alarms for metric triggers are triggered only when the specified metric meets the trigger condition for five minutes. This prevents alarms from triggering due to transient spikes in the monitored metric.