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    IPSLA Pollar - Is it my ISP or my Bandwidth usage that is causing the latency?


      I am new to Pollars and apologize for asking what is probably obvious.

      I have been trying to figure out for some time if our ISP's network in Saudi is causing the latency or if it is because we are just maxing out our 1MB connection.  I have installed NetFlow.  I have configured the IPSLA pollar to track the ms delay between our Gateway Router and our ISP's Name Server.  The results are consistantly below 20 ms after business hours but are very choppy during business hours.  Typically between 50 and 150 ms with it reaching 200ms once or twice a day and 500ms plus every couple of days.  The latency spikes do not appear to correlate with the interface bandwidth utilization graphs or the Netflow graphs.

      I assumed that because the IPSLA packet was originating from my Gateway router that the amount of bandwidth we were using would not impact the latency.  How should I interpret the Pollar chart?  Is it my ISPs network?  We are using a wireless connection on our roof and I was hoping that switching to an SHDSL connection would improve our latency.  However, the fact that we do not have any latency spikes above 20ms after hours leads me to think it is a problem with our ISP.  Can I send the IPSLA chart to our ISP and say fix your problem?

      Any guidance would be appreciated.