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    NPM Service stability issues


      We upgraded our Orion 9.0 SP2 to 9.1 SP5 this afternoon in the hopes that it would resolve a long-standing issue with the NPM service failing and not restarting.  Nothing short of a manual restart gets it working.  The service was set to recover on failure but that never helped so we tried having it run a program to reset it with no luck.  The event logs never give us any indication that it has failed or any error information whatsoever. 

      I opened a ticket several hours ago but haven't heard back from support yet.  I was hoping someone here could provide something I could follow up on while I wait for them to respond.

      Thanks in advance,


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          I am having the same issue. with Orion 9.1 SP5  with a couple of addtions.  The SolarWinds Alerting Engine and NetFlow service fail as well.

          It seems that they fail about once a week and i see nothing in the event logs about why they fail.

          I am going to open a ticket about it.

          If you have any advice for me please let me know.

          Thanks in advance.


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              Hi Tony,

              I've not yet fully resolved this issue but as a result of the ticket I opened they had to perform a series of uninstall/reinstalls.  This has helped reduce the number of times the NPM service fails from several times daily to several times weekly.  I'm running a single poller environment and currently in the process of reducing the number of monitored interfaces.  It seems that we've exceeded the the sizing recommendations and this may be the cause for the continued instances of instability. 

              I hope this helps.