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    Running-Config backup

      Dear all,

      I am running Kiwi CatTools and I have successful made backup for Cisco Switches and Routers. But I am still struggle to make the running-config of PIX Firewal, ASA Firewall, VPN Concentrator and Wireless LAN Controller. Please is any one who can help.

      Kind Regards

      Emmanuel N.

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          Hi Emmanuel,

          You are pretty short on detail of the exact nature of your problem. Are you selecting the correct device type for your devices, ie. Cisco.Firewall.PIX, Cisco.Firewall.ASA, Cisco.VPN, Cisco.Wireless Lan?

          Can you create device capture files. 'File|Enable capture mode' in the CatTools menu and then run the activity against the devices in question. In the debug folder in the main CatTools folder you will then have debug logs detailing the interaction between CatTools and the devices. **** out any sensitive info and post them back here in a zipped attachment and I'll have a look at them.