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    MAC Discovery results not reliable when run from Vista client...

      I had an older version of the toolset that would always run very reliably for MAC address discovery.  It was version 8.1 I think and was installed on an XP client computer.  I would take the laptop into a building and turn all computers on then run a discovery.  It always worked reliably and gave results I expected.

      Now, I have version of the Mac address discovery tool and have tried to do this using a Vista client (Dell E6500 to be exact) but the results are not reliable and always different.  The first time I ran it, 66 results.  Second time, I performed a ping sweep and it returned 186 results but no reverse dns (I needed the names from the discovery).  I then cleared arp cache and dns cache on the client (arp -d * and ipconfig /flushdns) and it ran forever returning a whopping 38 results.

      I toyed around in the options and increased the timeout, # of pings, etc.  This had no effect from what I could tell.

      Why the inconsistency?  Any suggestions other than performing a ping sweep first and then running a discovery?