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    Remote access to telnet and RDP on SW server

      On our network, only the server hosting Solarwinds has access to our outside network devices that we monitor.  Because of this, the telnet, RDP and traceroute tools in the web interface only work directly from the server.

      How can I setup the web-console so users have the ability to use these tools from their workstations?  We have field-techs that would like to make use of these network tools and they don't have direct access to the server.

      I've played around with PSEXEC and other tools to try and execute telnet remotely on the server, but nothing really works and nothing truely integrates into the web console that I have found...

      Any help is appreciated...

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          You could install OpenSSH on your solarwinds appliance, and use -D SOCKS4 proxies.  Then you would configure your putty/securecrt client to use the locally-running socks4 proxy on your workstation.

          I've been looking for a third-party tool to enable some kind of ssh/telnet client on the management server itself but haven't found luck so far.