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    Free Version


      I made a mistake in downloading the 30 day trial version of CatTools somehow.  I'm not sure how to get it back to the free version.  I run Solarwinds Orion SLX and just need to look at a few Fortinet Firewalls at the moment.  I tried an uninstall/reinstall and that didn't do the trick, still says 23 days remaining the trial.  What will happen at the end of the 23 days?  Will it revert back to free mode or cease functioning?

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          The free CatTools download can be found here if you need to download it again.

          By uninstall/reinstall, do you mean that you uninstalled the evaluation version and reinstalled the free version?

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              You've got it!  I must have accidentally downloaded the trial eval rather than the free version so I uninstalled, deleted the directory, etc...  Reinstalled the free version and the darn thing still says 23 out of 30 days remaining.  I just want to make sure if I load some devices in here that's it's not going to die in 30 days...  I want to know that it's going to revert to the free version functionality or just start off with free version functionality since no matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall the free version it still says 23 out of 30 days remaining.  If not, I'll just go back to my early 2000's version of CatTools that registered...  I really want a long term test of only a few devices before we make a decision into buying or sticking with the free sub-20 devices.