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    Orion IP Address Manager (IPAM) 1.0 Release Candidate (RC) Now Available



      The IPAM RC build is now available! 

      You may download the RC build here:



      Installation Notes:

      • Upgrades from previous Beta installs are not supported.
      • We highly recommend      installing the IPAM RC build on a separate computer from your production      Orion installation, please use an evaluation version of Orion
      • Orion NPM 9.1 SP5 and either SQL Express or MSSQL 2005 is required      to run the IPAM RC
      • We recommend you use a non-production Microsoft SQL Server for IPAM      database installation (this can be same server used for Orion v9 Eval).
      • Install requires an account with Administrator privileges
      • When you uninstall your IPAM module from Orion, the module link persists in the Orion website. To remove this link, delete the IPAM website folder from your Inetpub folder: <RootWebInstall>\SolarWinds\Orion


      Please direct all your comments, issues, bugs to the private IPAM 1.0 Beta Forum (http://thwack.com/forums/108.aspx).   PM and Dev will be moderating the forum closely.   Please respond to this email and *include your Thwack ID* if you have any issues accessing the forum.


      IPAM Team