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    Parent / Child like functionality


      I’ve been told it isn’t supported by Orion.

      True parent / child relationships would allow you to properly suppress alerts.

      For instance, if a switch (Parent) goes down, all the servers (children) hanging off that switch are going to be down, and being informed about the 20+ servers along with being notified the switch is down makes for a very full email box.  If the system truly had parent/child relationships, it would know that because the servers have the switch set as their parent that they are down because of the parent outage.

      You would also want this kind of logic.  Anytime Orion notices a server outage, it should immediately test to see if the parent is Up.  If it is, do notification based on just that server outage.... If the parent/switch is down... then notify about the switch outage, and suppress all the server notices.  (Maybe include a list of all children affected in the switch outage message).

      This would also apply to the switch, in that if the switch is detected down, a check would be made to test the switch’s “Parent” nodes, etc.  So you have a whole nested connectivity topology created.  Ideally it would support the existence of multiple “Parents” as devices can be connected to multiple upstream nodes.

      I’ve thought of trying to emulate this with a custom field containing the “parent”.  Any ideas how I would approach this?

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          I've been playing around in the Trigger Condition section of an Advanced Alert, but I can't seem to find anything that would allow me to make reference to another node or its status.

          Even with the creation of 2 custom properties "ParentA" & "ParentB", I can find no condition that lets me access the status of another node.


          Am I just missing something here?