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      How to monitor CoS/QoS performance in NPM.



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          Hi Pankaj,

          I assume you need to monitor CoS/QoS on Cisco devices. There is no built-in way of monitoring CoS in Orion NPM.

          A solution to not bother with the below steps would be to acquire the NetFlow Traffic Analyzer module and enable NetFlow on the relevant devices. Since the NetFlow protocol reports which CoS the flow are being tagged with, you will be able to review the traffic by CoS in your web console.

          If the NetFlow option is not possible on your network, you can try what I have written below:

          Monitoring CoS in NPM is something that requires you to compile information from multiple Universal Device Pollers and display the results through Reports as no existing views can handle a such job.

          To build a such report you will have to use the Advanced SQL Report type and have a good knowledge of T-SQL scripting.

          I attached 5 UnDPs in the CoSCisco.UnDP file that will put you on the track.

          the cbQosCMName returns the name of the CoS and a first index.

          cbQosCMPostPolicyByte32Bits, cbQosVMDropByte32Bits, cbQosCMNoBufDropPkt32bits return statistics with with a second index.

          cbQosConfigIndex returns the mapping between the first and the second index of each policy.


          From the Administration guide:

          Monitoring MIB from Universal Device Pollers

          Creating Reports


          Alternatively you can create UnDPs that polls only a specific CoS statistic once mapped manually the indexes and then display the results using one of the available resources in the webconsole such as a Gauge, Chart, etc.

          If you choose the report way, the information you need are stored in the following tables:

          CustomPollers, CustomPollerStatus, (View) CustomPollerStatistics, Nodes, CustomPollerAssignments.

          Beware that it might take you ages if you are not familiar with T-SQL which will probably result in a Feature Request.



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              Has anyone got this working...collecting CBQoS via UnDP and not purchasing the Netflow Module?  It looks like the mibs supplied in this post are polling the node..shouldn't they poll the interface where CBQoS is applied?

              Any help appreciated...not sure how you can link these seperate tables together..the indexes aren't shown in all tables.

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                Hi  Pankaj ,

                i setup the same Poller on NPM 10.1.x , could u please give me the SQL query for generat a report for the same

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                    I spent a long time researching CBQoS (in particular) reporting along with QoS/CoS reporting and, unfortunately, Solarwinds NPM+NTA is just NOT the tool for this. I trialled about 10 different tools - most of which claim to be able to do it but NONE of them delivered - including Cisco's own QPM, NetVoyant NetQoS etc...


                    NetQoS was bought over by CA - this does it - but it's very complicated and VERY VERY expensive... A brilliant solution I found was Scrutinizer and Denika - www.plixer.com these guys are awesome and it's a cheap product. It'll do exactly what you want as well ;)

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                        what about solarwind SLA product?  I don't exactly get what you are looking for...  That's only a estimated performance for each QoS class.

                        If you are trying to see how much in each class when it leaves the interface, unfortunatly netflow won't work because Cisco's QoS engine doesn't tag until after it provides the info to it's netflow piece. (Quite annoying when you are trying to trouble shoot a possible QoS marking issue and you can't see whats in that queue unless you look at the receiving side's netflow).  Maybe the ISP can provide graph of the traffic they see.