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    Orion Advanced Alerts


      I have successfully configured advanced alerts in Orion using the following trigger conditions:


      Node Status is equal to Down

      Environment is equal to Production

      However,  Every night when some of these servers reboot I get reset notifications.  For reset conditions I simply had the "Reset when trigger conditions are no longer true" selected. 


      Is there a simple or complex condition I can place in the reset condition that will accuratly determine if a node is simply rebooting and NOT send a reset message? Here's what I'm thinking but I'm not sure about the definition of "EMPTY"

      Environment is equal to Production
      Node Status is equal to UP

      Last Boot is empty?



      Sincere thanks,


      Kelvin Suttles

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          in the Trigger Condition tab when you edit your adv. alerts, there is an option called "Do no trigger this action until condition exists for more than".

          If you increase it to something higher than a reboot takes, it will not trigger the alert.

          You should create one alert that covers that specific period of the night (Time of Day tab) with the above option and create another one that covers the rest of the day without the option.

          There are probably different ways to achieve it...