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    NPM version for Exam


      What version of NPM is the Beta Exam based on ??  Don't want to get tripped up on saying that something can be done from the web interface (like in ver9)when the exam is based on version 8.??? and expecting you to use SysMgr from the console.

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          I believe it was version 8, sorry it's been a whole week since I took it.

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            What version of NPM is the Beta Exam based on ??
            Well, there are question about universal device poller, which was introduced in v9. There are also some general questions about NPM module features, which, in my opinion, are not compatible with NPM versions prior to v9.

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                I took the test a few weeks ago, but I do recall being disapointed to see Cisco specific questions on the test.  Although we do use Cisco equipment in our environment, I would not consider Solarwinds a Cisco Specific application and believe the questions should be vender independent.  Anyone else in agreement here?  Maybe I'm just crazy.  Otherwise I think the test was pretty good and did require enough knowledge to proove yourself while not being too difficuilt to pass.

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                Craig Norborg

                Definitely based on V9, UnDP questions and Web Interface Management questions.  Actually quite a few UnDP questions.


                I'm not that concerned about Cisco specific questions, lets face it, if your seriously into Networking you probably need to know the basics, and the questions were very basic.   I doubt there are very many people who get to exclusively work on another platform.   I probably would feel differently if it was geared to a different brand though...