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    Powerware UPS MIBs

      Does anyone here know how to get Orion to pull the Powerware MIB that shows the Battery install date or last time the batteries were tested?  I would like to try and get Orion to get this information that have to buy another network tool.

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          Do an snmpwalk with net-snmp, and see if you can pull up any mibs that the device knows about.

          I see the mib definitions are found at http://www.powerware.com/UPS/Connectivity/Firmware_Flash_Utilities.asp?CC=1

          Another MIB definition - thanks, solarwinds!: http://support.ipmonitor.com/mibs/XUPS-MIB/raw.aspx (raw mib output)

          Looking at this raw output, I don't see any mibs that show either install date or battery test time.

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              Thanks. Those helped alot. I founf what I needed. I just over looked when I was on the Eaton site. Now I just have to figure out how to report on custom MIB's. :)

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                  The reporting tool supports custom MIBs - just select the fields PollerName, OID, etc.

                  I've got a sql query I use for polling CRC errors and duplex errors - a bit complex, but it boils down to:

                  "WHERE CustomPollers.OID = '' AND RawStatus != 1"


                  SELECT Interfaces.InterfaceIcon, Interfaces.OperStatusLED, Nodes.NodeID, Interfaces.FullName, CustomPollerAssignment.InterfaceID,Replace(Replace(Replace(RawStatus,'3','Full Duplex (3)'), '2', 'Half Duplex (2)'),'1','Unknown/Shutdown (1)') AS RawStatus, Interfaces.InterfaceSpeed, Interfaces.InErrorsToday, Interfaces.OutErrorsToday FROM CustomPollerAssignment
                  JOIN CustomPollers
                  ON CustomPollers.CustomPollerID = CustomPollerAssignment.CustomPollerID
                  JOIN CustomPollerStatus
                  ON CustomPollerStatus.CustomPollerAssignmentID = CustomPollerAssignment.CustomPollerAssignmentID
                  JOIN Nodes
                  ON CustomPollerAssignment.NodeID = Nodes.NodeID
                  JOIN Interfaces
                  ON  CustomPollerAssignment.InterfaceID = Interfaces.InterfaceID
                  WHERE CustomPollers.OID = '' AND RawStatus != 1 AND Interfaces.OperStatus = 1 AND (Interfaces.InErrorsToday > 10 OR Interfaces.OutErrorsToday > 10)

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                      Thanks again. I know absolutly nothing about SQL scripts. This gave me alittle to go on.


                      I am trying to run a report on Battery Replacement dates and can see where the raw values are stored in the database to referance on the reports. If you or anyone can suggest a good site to get some SQL scrips ideas that would be helpful.

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                  Does anyone have the default snmp so I can even get this into Orion other than just pining the device? PowerWare 9315