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    Question about access denied


      So once in a while, I receive an access denied logo rather than a netflow graph. It seems to go away after a refresh or two, so I haven't thought too much about it, but it is sort of annoying...


      Two questions:

      1.) What causes this?

      2.) Anything to be concerned about here? (Possibly indicative of data corruption, etc..)


      Looks something like this...

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          I cannot remember seeing a such message.

          Here is what you could do to troubleshoot this issue:

          1) Take a screenshot next time it happens.

          2) Open the \Inetpub\Solarwinds\OrionWeb.log file and review it hoping to find more details about the error.

          3) If only few persons are using the webconsole and if the error does not occur once a year, you could try to enable the debug mode of the webconsole in case step 2 did not help:

          Go to:


          and open the web.config file with notepad. Do a search for the word "WARN", you will see it

          in the following field:

          <threshold value="WARN" />

          Change WARN to DEBUG and save the file.

          Wait to reproduce the error.

          Backup the OrionWeb.log file

          Now go back to:


          and open the web.config file with notepad, and change the DEBUG back to WARN, and save the file.