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    HPUX monitoring not working correctly

    Andrew Story

      Morning all,


      I'm trying to use IPMonitor to monitor HPUX and have read the admin manual which advises this is possible.  I can find the server but it only provides me with a PING monitor and a bandwidth monitor for it's NIC.  Is there anything else specific which needs done to get more system information via SNMP?



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          Hello Andrew,

          The fact that it can get Bandwidth information confirms that SNMP communication is successful between the 2 systems.  Therefore it appears to be one of two things:

          1. The required SNMP agents (such as Net-SNMP) are not installed on the HPUX system.

          See if you can get a response to any of the following OIDs using the Custom SNMP Wizard:



          Let me know what you get.

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              Andrew Story

              Thanks Chris for your reply.


              When I add a custom SNMP monitor using the OID's you advise all I get is this test


              No SNMP Objects where retrieved from "ukserp02.jameswalker.co.uk" to collect SNMP Objects under "" using community "SNMPstring". Reason: Could not retrieve any results from servername.domainname.co.uk for OID:     

              Most SNMP Devices will not return any packets if the community provided is incorrect. Additionally, some SNMP Devices may be configured to respond only to a set of Authorized IP Addresses. If needed, the IP Address of the ipMonitor host machine will have to be added to that list.


              Will ask our UNIX guys if there's the Net-SNMP installed on the UNIX system