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    Feature Request: NPM:: Maps with no Nodes



      I have a number of maps i am creating for my estates group which only displays BMS and door controllers.

      Some of the maps have all the buildings but some of the buildings dont have any bms devices in them yet so the problem is that if you reference this map (the one with all the buildings with one the represents the site) the site shows as yellow.

      While I still want to have the maps available even if there are no nodes i wouldnt like the fact that there are no nodes to affect the maps status. The map is still useful as they can include floor plans.

      Also in addition and i not sure how possible this is but lets say i have the following:

      Network Staff

      • They need to be able to view all objects on a map including drilling down into each of them

      Estates Staff

      • They need to be able to view the exact same map excluding all those devices which they do not have access to. Basically they cant see them at all. At the moment if you create a view limitation they can see them and the status but cant drill down into the node.

      This would save me from having to create complete map trees for various user groups.

      Two example trees at the moment

      Organisation Summary - Networks

      Site Summary - Networks

      Building Summary - Networks

      Floor Summary - Networks


      Organisation Summary - Estates

      Site Summary - Estates

      Building Summary - Estates

      Floor Summary - Estates


      As you can see this becomes a pain in the map maker finger to recreate.


      Kind Regards