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    Job Completion status



      When uploading a config snippet to devices you get the status window to view the progress of the upload to each device. But the progress indicator only relates to the overall task for that specific device.

      It doesn't indicate whether the commands have been accepted or failed on a device. It only indicates that Cirrus sent the commands to a device which means the job is then mrked as 'complete'.

      Before we used NCM we used Kiwi Cattools which had a feature on it that would report if a line on config had been accepted or not. It was based on a process of expected responses from entered commands.

      Now I know I can build a report afterwards in NCM to check for missing config line etc. Or I can fish trough the job log for failed commands. But it would be great to have such a feature in NCM that would report in the job completion window failed command lines and also a report that only showed the failed command lines.