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    NPM 2nd Poller DB account password



      I am attempting to set up our 2nd poller using the configuration wizard. I have selected the SQL server and the database on that server. I am now at the stage where I have to choose an existing account  and enter the password.

      I have selected the account that I know is the correct account and I am attempting to enter the password but it will not accept it.

      I also know the password is correct as I double checked the SWNetPerfMon.db file which confirms the password.

      do I need to set up some permissions on the DB SQL server itself to allow logins from multiple addresses?

      Has anyone seen this before?

        • Re: NPM 2nd Poller DB account password

          I was trying to reconnect my existing polling engine to start the services back up and it wouldn't accept the password that appears in pre filled password box. So I had to change the password on the SQL Server. This seems to have Solved the issue. I still don't understand what exactly has happened that I had to reset the password on the SolarwindsNPM SQL account