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    had to change IP of Orion server, website stuck ?

      hey guys,

      i hope someone around here can help me out.

      i had to change the ip adress of our Orion server (NPM and SQL on one box). i took a look at the official "Migration Guide". So i did the following :

      - stop all services

      - shutdown the box

      - moved to another rack

      - fire up the box

      - open database

      - change the polling engine ip to the new one

      - opened IIS control panel

      - changed IP of the Orion website to the new one

      - started all services


      so far, so good. no problem at all. but the website doesn't work. i can login (works fine), but the first view can't be loaded since for some unknown reason the server tries to connect to the old ip adress.

      can someone please point me to where the ip adress is still used ?