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    BGP Current Status Change


      I'm currently monitoring my BGP status via bgp peer state (Universal Poller). I'm trying to change the Current State (established) to show bgp uptime.  Can someone please lead me in the right direction?



      Frank S.

      OBJECT NAME                                    CURRENT STATUS  LAST POLLED
      7204 Edge Router A                          established           1:10 PM 

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          I believe you need to create another UnDP to retrieve the following column results from the bgp peer state table:


          Type     Gauge32
          Access     read-only
          Status     unknown

          This timer indicates how long (in seconds) this peer has been in the Established state or how long since this peer was last in the Established state. It is set to zero when  a new peer is configured or the router is booted.

          If you are using the "Tabular Universal Device Poller" resource, once setup your UnDP, edit the resource and select the new UnDP which should be in the list to be displayed on the view.



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              Morning Yann,

              Thank you, that worked.  Should I now be able to convert the output into week/days/min, just like it would show if I type sh ip b s on the router?

              OBJECT NAME             CURRENT STATUS     LAST POLLED
              7204 Edge Router A   3.045 M                    8:04 AM 

              Thanks again,

              Frank S.