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    Reporting: Availability - Last Month

      I ran this report (built into Solarwinds) on 3/27 and again today 3/31.  I noticed that the availability values were not the same on both reports.  You would think that they should be identical.  The data that is queried in the report comes from the same date range, which is 2/1/09 00:00:00 to 2/28/09 23:59:59.

      I assume that the algorithm developed by Solarwinds to come up with the availability is flawed.  The values are very close, as for example, server A was 99.96% available when I ran the report on 3/27, but was 99.99% available when I ran it on 3/31.

      Has anyone experienced this before?  This is driving me nuts as I need to provide accurate data. I partially get paid by my client based upon SLA's for these servers.  I cannot get values which differ each time I run the report.

      I am running Solarwinds 9.1 SP4

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          Interesting havent actually checked to see if that occurs in my reports. If I had to assume potentially the problem comes with the aggregation of data over time?



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            Miron is correct.

            Statistics are summarized over the time, it will lead your reports to lose accuracy as data is averaged.

            You can minimized this issue you noticed by increasing the data retention in your settings:

            Start > All Programs > Solawinds Orion > System Manager

            File > Orion Network Performance Monitor Settings...

            In the database tab, edit the Statistics Summarization settings for the Detailed, Hourly and Daily statistics.

            Beware that it will increase your database disk space requirements if you keep e.g. detailed stats for 180 days.