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    Duplicate APM Events


      I'm using the DNS User Experience monitors in APM for multiple DNS servers on our network. The only two Advanced Alerts that I have enabled for these monitors is the following:

      1. Alert me when a component goes into warning or critical

      2. Alert me when a component goes down

      Ocassionally, I get these events in my NPM Event Viewer that don't correlate with either of my APM alerts that are configured. The alerts say...

      DNS User Experience Monitor for DNS Lookup on <servername> is in a warning state.

      DNS Lookup on <servername> is in a warning state.

      First, why am I getting two different alerts for the same monitor. Second, neither one of those events even come close to the verbiage that I configured in my alerts. Can anyone tell me where these are coming from and how I can disable them? I'm posting this in the NPM section because I suspect its not an APM issue, but I can't be sure.

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          Every time a component or application changes its state, we add an event.  The first entry is a component monitor.  The second is the application. This behavior is expected because a component change will lead a change in the application that includes it.

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              Thanks for the quick reply, Denny. It doesn't sound like there would be any way to disable them then. I can't speak for others, but I prefer to not be notified at the application level. If a component goes down, within an application, that is sufficient notification that there is a problem.