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    Summarising and Parsing Table data from the UnDP



      I use the UnDP quite alot on our network and the one thing I would absolutely love to see in a future release is the ability to parse table data and also summarise it.

      For example our IPT team are very interested to know and be able to quickly look up the total number of active b channels on a CVP gateway. At present they have to count the current individual channel states from the table. Which you can understand they won't do :-)

      If the information could be parsed and/or summarised it would mean that it would be much easier to graph and store historical data in graphs. The above is jsut a single example of how it can be utilised, there are many possibilities of how the benefits of this feature would be realised.

      I hope that this gets considered, it would give table data an extra demesion and make it more manageable.