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    Sending interface description in an alert


      I'd like to do a query against the device that is down to look for the term '%cir%' in the interface table - description column (not the right one but I know what it is just not off the top of my head - to send that description in the alert. We store our circuit ID information in the description and allows me to open a ticket with our LEC without having to open up VPN.


      Eventually I'm going to have a custom property with the correct circuit ID in there but for now this will help a ton.


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          I use the below alert for interface errors.  The ${Caption} variable expands to the full interface name - add the macro to your alert in either advanced or basic alerts under Orion. I do not suppress interface alerts when the node is down for the same requirement that you have.  In the case shown below, the NOCSWITCH is also down.  I can't think of a way to query anything upon alerts - they're just sql triggers themselves.

          (Critical Interface) Alert: Port 2/49 · Uplink to NOC Switch on NOCSWITCH ( is Down


          Alert: Interface ${Caption} on ${NodeName} (${IP}) is ${Status} (Previously ${Status-Previous})

          Alert: ${NodeName} (${IP}) is ${Status}

          Machine Type: ${MachineType}

          System name: ${SysName}

          Management IP: ${IP}

          SNMP Location: ${SysLocation}

          Interface speed: ${InterfaceSpeed} Previously ${InterfaceSpeed-Previous}

          Port utilization: In: ${InPercentUtil}% Out: ${OutPercentUtil}%

          Errors today: In: ${InErrorsToday} Out: ${OutErrorsToday}
          Errors This hour: In: ${InErrorsThisHour} Out: ${OutErrorsThisHour}
          Discards today: ${InDiscardsToday} Out: ${OutDiscardsToday}
          Discards this hour: In: ${InDiscardsThisHour} Out: ${OutErrorsThisHour}


          On node: