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    Solawinds Realtime Netflow Analyzer.

      Is there documetation on  how to get this free tool to work. The included links with the product are confusing and I'm not really a savy network person. I've installed it but when I enter the network interface is asks for comunity or private string or credentials. what is that? What credentials. I've tried all my password and nothing works, Can somone help!

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          It's asking for the SNMP community string.

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            You need to add commands to your router to export the Netflow information to the collector. We use Cisco and I had to add the following to mine...

            ip flow-export source Loopback0
            ip flow-export version 5
            ip flow-export destination 2058

            interface Serial0/1/0
             bandwidth 256
             no ip address
             encapsulation frame-relay IETF
             ip route-cache flow

            When I added these the router the interfaces reporting show up in the Monitor. The IP address and port have to match the Ip address of the system running the monitor and the port you have selected. I do not remember if I ever used the add interface method but that method does require the SNMP string so that the monitor can pull the resource list from your device.