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    Poller won't show data


      I have 2 pollers for my HVACs - one for temperature and one for humidity.  I can get current values on either of them, but can't get a chart to show historical data unless I go back 3 months.  I've got them both set to store historical data, and I've verified that there is current data in my DB for those pollers, so something should show up in a chart, but it only says "No data for selected time period" outside of what's showing for end of last year/beginning of this year.  The only difference between the data that shows and the data that doesn't is that there's a "RowID" entered for the data that shows.

      Edit:  More prodding shows that the data will only show up if I set it to "Get Table" instead of "Get" or "Get Next".  The MIB in question is contained in a table, but is a single value, so why would I have to "Get Table" on it to get it to be charted?

      Edit 2:  On a related note, somehow a chart got added to my Node Details page for each of the two pollers without my interaction.  What's causing this and what's the logic behind it?  Is there a setting where I can turn this off?  I don't want charts randomly added to my pages without me asking.