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    Workspace studio Cisco Equipment Issues

      I have just installed v10 toolset and I am having the following issues

      1. The interface gague gadgets  on Cisco routers often report 0% on bandwidth and then shoot up above 100% every 10 secounds.

      2. The 2 Cisco Pix firewalls cannot retrive information. I cannot monitor interfaces on the Pixs.

      I do not have these issues on the classic  toolsets (Network Performance Monitor & Bandwidth Gauges). They come up fine. Also I am running these tools on another vendors Equipment and I am not having the same issues.

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          Hi jmcbean - The interface jumping from 0 to 100% is caused by the polling interval. You need to slow (increase the interval) down your polling, because the device is not updating the counters fast enough. When the gauge polls interface counters that have not been updated since the last poll, it makes the assumption that no data traversed the interface during the time between the previous poll and this one.

          To get SNMP data out of the Pix (some of which do not seem to support SNMPv2c), you need to set "Use SNMPv2" to false for these devices in the Manage Devices dialog.