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    NPM- Node Details- need to add Interface Description



      Q1- View: in the "Node Details" Right bottom under "Current Percentage Utilization of Each Interface". I need to display the Interface Description in addition to Interface Type Ethernet0/0. Or just replace "Ethernet0/0" by its descr say "VSAT Link to London"

      Q2-  I grouped my devices by Area then by Location then by Vendor

      Cascaded Grouping Levels Exple:  East > London > Cisco > Router1

      I want to have Availability statistics by any of these grouping level, to see how the whole Eastern Region is performing, or what is Cisco devices availabilty just in London ?

      Thank you

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          Q1: The  Current Percent Utilization of each Interface  should show the description anyway or do you want it to show a new table with a column for interface Type and a column for the description. I include a screenshot of one of my devices and the descriptions which SW picks up automatically.

          Q2: Are you talking about having the availability statistics in a report, and if so are you looking for the sql code. Will be easy to do in report write however you would need to create a separate report for each grouping you wanted

          EG Reports:

          Availability: East>London

          Availability: East>London>Cisco

          Availability: East>London>Juniper

          Availability: East>Miles From Nowhere>

          Availability: East>Miles From Nowhere> Cisco

          Availability: East>Miles From Nowhere> Juniper


          if you have  small amount of these groupings then it should be easy , if you have a vast amount and need dynamic availability reports then im not sure how to do that.