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    Handling Table data from the UnDP


      Hi all,

      hope everyone is well. I am in the process of creating a UnDP for one of our teams and I have found the OID that I want to use. The trouble I am having is how the information is displayed. The trouble is due to the poller displaying the results in table format only and I can't see a way to transform the results the way I would like.  

      The OID in question is : which monitors the current call control state for B channels on supported cisco devices.

      The reulst for this OID are 1 of 4 (idle, connecting, connected, active) and when we configure this poller to run on one of our CVP gateways we get the expected results. These results list out each individual B channel's call control state (which you can imagine creates a long table). This is where we run into difficulty. What we would like to see is a summary of this table, i.e 25 b channels are in an idle state, 5 b channels are connected and so on.

      Does anyone know if there is a way to transform in such a manor so to summarise table results OR is there another OID I can use to display the results more like what I  just explained.

      Apologies for another long winded post, I honestly do try to keep these as short as possible :-)

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          just a thought, but could you make a series of reports in Report Writer and filter on those with channels equal IDLE, channels equal CONNECTED, and etc.

          Report Writer has that feature to dynamically publish something like these reports into the Orion web site.

          you might have a page for just CVP GATEWAYS:

          Report 1 - IDLE

          Report 2 - CONNECTED

          Report 3 - so on.

          like i said, it's just a thought and may be totally worthless, but that's just my two cents.

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              Hi lchance,

              thanks for your reply, apologies for not responding sooner. I had considered building  reports but we are really looking for a summary view of the b channel states that is available on the node details page so this doesn't fit the criteria.

              I need a way of parsing the table data or another OID that will produce a different output.

              Thank you for your input it is much appreciated.