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    Creating Custom Pollers in Orion


      I have Orion v9.1 SP4.  I am trying to add our F5 LTMs to the server but it will only add them for up / down status.  From what I can see it looks like I need to add custom pollers to manage CPU, Memory, and interface stats ?  Is that correct ?  If so, how do I add custom pollers to the list that is provided by default ?

      Or is there an easier way to add these ?



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          it sounds like they (CPU, Memory, interfaces) don't show up in Orion System Manager. so, is F5 only using SNMP v1?

          if you have the verified F5 OID info then you can use Univeral Device Poller. when using UnDP you can create a group with those F5 OIDs for CPU, Memory, etc. then in UnDP assign these to your node. and it depends on the values you get back, you may have to use UnDP TRANSFORM to translate the values to Bytes or Percent or whatever.

          then go into the Orion web site (and drill into that node you assigned the UnDP poller) then you can EDIT those custom pollers for presentation.