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    undocumented 850mb Drive C temp file requirements for upgrade from 8.5.1 to 9.1


      I'm MOST of the way through a difficult upgrade of Orion; going from 8.5.1 to 9.1. It only took 6 re-installs and 2 calls for tech support to get it working...mostly. What I've taken away from this experience is a frustration with the lack of specifics in the hard drive space requirements section of the installation guide. The guide states that for SLX, the version I'm running, you need 10gb of drive space.

      First off, it would be nice to see this requirement broken down into how much space will be used by SQL, how much used by Orion itself, and where the files will be located. I told the installation program to install my Orion SLX upgrade on drive E. After the upgrade there are only  229mb of files on drive E BUT there is also a Solarwinds directory on Drive C that contains 360 mb worth of files. Surprise! (or at least a bit of a surprise if you told the installer to put all your files on drive E). Maybe the additional 9.5gb of space is a guesstimate for SQL requirements? 

      But for me, the kicker was the undocumented, UNALTERABLE temp file requirements on drive C (at least the Solarwinds tech said the location couldn't be changed). It would have been a LOT less traumatic if I would have known up front how much space was going to be required on drive C for the temp files needed during the install. I DID receive a message of how much space was still needed when the install crashed because drive C was out of space. It would have been nice if that message was even CLOSE to being accurate.

      So....after going back FOUR times to recover more drive space, after each subsequent crash informed me of MORE drive space required than reported earlier, I FINALLY succeeded in getting Orion upgraded. Now I have to go back and placate our systems administrators. They are VERY upset that I had to cross my fingers and temporarily move Windows Operating System files to create enough free space.

      So, folks, be forewarned. You WILL need around a gigabyte of free space on drive C for temp files alone, regardless of where you tell the installer to install Orion SLX.


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