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    Netflow HTTP traffic outbound on cisco 7206


      We have a couple of Cisco 7206's running BGP. I need to obtain a figure for all HTTP traffic leaving our site.

      It this possible using netflow? We are currently using Netflow 3.0 and are  about to upgrade to 3.1

       At present we use packseekers that report all outbound http.

      This device sits between our firewall and our 7206's.

      It's in a good position connectivity wise to obtain this figure as all traffic ingress or egress goes through this device.

      We need to remove this device from our network and find another way of obtaining this figure.

      So im looking at obtaining a realtime (or per minute figure) of all outbound HTTP traffic from a router port. Something like a bandwidth gauge for HTTP would be great (wishful thinking probably).

      Any help or suggestions gratefully received.