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    what works?


      which variables actually work with TRAPS and UnDP?

      i'm trying to pass variables with Advanced Alerts, but i'm batting zero.

      ${Caption} ${NodeName} ${IP_Address} and on and on...what can actually be used?????

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          I assume you've looked at the list in the Admin Guide.  What's the problem you're having?

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              Yes, I’ve reviewed the Admin Guide and tried many variables.

              The thing is I use this very same email methodology for other things which are working. There seems to only be an issue passing variables from SNMP TRAPS and UnDP.

              For instance, I just used these variables from an SNMP TRAP and this is what I got:

              3/24/2009 8:30 AM - ${Caption} - ${NodeName} - ${IP_Address} - ${Status} - ${AlertName}

              As you can see, the only one translated was ${DateTime}.

              So that is what caused my question “what works” for SNMP TRAPS and UnDP events?

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                  I'm having the same problem...the Admin Guide lists a gazillion ways to translate Date and Time, but only a very few of any other variables, which are listed in "Other".....(and really none of these are useful when you want to know the NodeName, etc.)...it would be nice to know if we could refer to another list of variables.

                  Other Trap Variables


                  Trap Variable






                  SolarWinds application information




                  Node community string




                  Copyright information




                  Fully qualified node name




                  IP address of device triggering alert


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                  this is pretty straightforward and should be working...

                  should i open a support ticket for this?