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    Unistalling Netflow - can never drop the netflow tables once installed?


      I was instructed *by SolarWinds* how to uninstall netflow 3.1 and drop its tables to troubleshoot an issue I was having with NPM (data gaps).  After doing this,  I am unable to delete any interfaces in NPM.  I opened a second case with SolarWinds, thinking the NPM issue was unrelated.  This tech is now saying:

      "If you had NetFlow and uninstalled it, then someone removed the NetFlow tables.  If that is the case, then the database is the problem.  The software sees that this was a NetFlow source so it is trying to remove it from all tables, including that (note: he  means the NetFlowSources table).  Since it cannot find this table, it's erroring out.  I would recommend getting that table back.  You may have to temporarily reinstall NetFlow to create that table during the configuration wizard, then uninstall NetFlow again."

      Is it true that once Netflow has been installed the Netflow tables must remain there forever afterwards, even if the module is uninstalled?

      Is it really true that if NPM cannot find one table, it cannot delete the data from the other tables either?