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    Better Portal View /  Layout Options - Charts


      The biggest challenge of creating a view for a specific purpose is of course the view limitations.. and then the layout itself. Packing a lot of information into a small place can get ugly. The following would be my christmas wish list for charts.

      1. The ability to turn off the auto generated banner on the graph which wastes a lot of space.

      2. The ability to remove the custom poller label. Its not necessary. It would however be a good place to allow the user to add a custom descriptive label for the chart (this would be configurable when you edit the element). Some control over font size would be nice...

      3. The ability to turn off the auto generated banner. Depending on what you are doing this can be a waste of space. If you need the ability to give the user of the view different view options you should have the ability to add this to the view. However if you are designing a view that doesnt require it you should be able to remove it. (hello check box in the edit screen)

      4. The dimensions of the chart should be at my discression. Its fine to have the default be auto fit the  column but i should have the ability to control the vertical and horizontal dimensions if i need to.

      5. This is more wasted space. Every Chart does not need a Solarwinds NPM version Flag.

      6. If you are making use of the Title fields this works fine. However if You dont need the title you should be able to turn this option off (hello little check box) and save the space.

      7. I should be able to add multiple sources (pollers in this case)  to a single graph from the edit window. Its a wonderful way to save space.

      8. I would like to have the ability to add comments that are only viewable on the edit page.


      I suspect many of these items cant be accomplished because of limitations of the canned chart generator. On the other hand.. If you never ask.. well.. you will never know!

      Now if all these things were possible you would be able to pack multiple graphs into the least amount of space. Like below

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          Outstanding feature requests SLXer!!!   It would be great to be able to have more control over the real estate a graph takes up.  I'm disappointed all this time has gone by since your post without any response from SW. 

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              Solarwinds did reach out to me to discuss this off line. We haven't been able to nail down a time just yet  but they were very interested in the feedback. I am grateful they reached out to me and I hope I will be able to provide them with feedback that will result in some thoughtful enhancements to the portal interface.

              If you have suggestions of your own that would make the product better dont hesitate to post! From the conversations I have had with them its clear feedback is absolutely welcome.

              On a side note how do you like the VOIP module?