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    I took the plunge

      I took the plunge tonight and installed the 9 beta on our main syslog server.  We process about 1300mph currently.

      The upgrade went fine, other than the installer kept wanting to install on C.

      I love the web interface!!  Much better than I expected. 

      I'll post more comments once I've run it longer - but so far so good!

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          That's great!  We're glad you liked it!

          When you say the installer kept wanting to install of C, can you elaborate?   Would it not work on another drive or did it just keep trying to override your selection?

          Let us know if you see anything else.


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              I had my Kiwi SysLog installed on drive F prior to the beta install.

              When I ran the 9.0 beta installer, it wanted to install onto C:, not realizing I had already had it installed on F.

              Even after I initially chose the same Kiwi directory as before, I think it wanted to default the new web bits onto the C: drive.

              I ultimately got everything installed onto my F drive, I just kept having to repoint the installer.

              Does that make sense?