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    kiwi syslsog server

      I ahve installed kiwi syslog server but i am not able to see the lof mesaage in kiwi syslog server.


      Can some one guide me for configuration

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          I'm not sure I understand.   Can you describe exactly what system source you're trying to receive Syslog messages from?

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              Kiwi is very straight forward. Just configure your devices to send to the "logserver", ensure that the service is started and you have rules as desired. If you see 0 MPH and you know you are sending logs, check the following:

              syslog messages are being sent as UDP (Default) as TCP syslog is not enable by default in Kiwi

               make sure no other syslog tool is listening.  stop your kiwi service, and then type: netstat -a -o | find /i "syslog" . if something is still listening, type pslist processid (last column of the previous command). pslist is now owned by microsoft but you need to pownload and install it.