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    Show "faulty" port in realtime interface monitor

      Hi all,

      We do a telnet session to a swictch, cisco, do a "sh port" and we get the list of ports on the switch. 

      One of the columns is "status", wherein you see "connected", notconnect" or "faulty".

      In real time interface monitor a port will show administratively up, but the status is red.  This doesn't necessarily mean that port is faulty, it could be or it could just not be connected.

      For instance, in telnet we see:

      2/5                     notconnect 21         normal   auto  auto 10/100BaseTX


      3/35                    faulty     21         normal   auto  auto 10/100BaseTX

      Port 2/5 and port 3/35 will show up the same in real time interface monitor as administratively up, but a red status.

      How do I configure real time interface monitor to show me which ports show "faulty" like in my telnet session. 

      If not in real time interface, where can we get this information?

      Appreciate your time reading this...